The live entertainment of month
in the bar for all

starting at 9pm

ForthComing Events

Up and coming
in house Events

Tickets just £4.00
Non Members £5.00
different fees apply for special event nights.

Tickets on sale in advance at the Bar

Maximum number of times a non member
can be signed in is twice, Its worth joining the club and will cost you less in long run

Sat 15th June       “Natalie Grace”
Fri 21st June        “Quiz Night”
Sat 22nd June      “Bob Morgan”
Sat 29th June      “Scott Metcalf”
Sat 6th July          “Fashion Night”
Sat 13th July        “Leon”
Sat 27th July        “Paul Andrew”
Sat 10th Aug        “Dalya”
Sat 24th Aug         “Steve Jackson”
Sat 14th Sept        “Jake H”
Sat 28th Sept        “Keilly Hampson”

Sat 12th Nov        “Bob Morgan”
Sat 30th Nov         “Neil Cooper”
Sat 15th Dec         “Danny King”

New Years Eve    “Jack Charles”