Thingwall Buki Kurabu     Chikara Karate

 Are you interested in weapons focused Martial arts?

The Thingwall Buki Kurabu is a dojo that specialises in weapons oriental martial arts.
               We currently instruct and practice the following:-

Iaido; Iaido is the method of drawing the japanese Samurai sword and responding to a sudden attack as quickly as possible. You will not be surprised to hear that it is a non contact art.

Jo ( short staff): The Jo is a staff about 1.4m long x 25mm dia (4’6’’ x 1”) it was developed as a defence against the samurai sword

Naginata: The naginata is a traditional japanese bladed pole arm similar to a halberd. They were originally used by men on the battlefield but as tactics changed they became a woman’s weapon for defending the home.

           ( Better than a rolling pin!)

Where?                  We train here at Thingwall Recreation Centre

When?                    Every Friday from 7.30pm - 9.00pm

To contact us:-       Phone John Bogin 0151 648 4858

                                 Mobile 07787975788

           Thingwall Buki Kurabu is affiliated to Chikara Karate